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CMutual’s Product Flyers are available for download in PDF format.


About CMutual

Unique expertise in tailoring protection solutions to fit the needs of the credit union and its members.


Member Death Benefit Insurance

Member Death Benefit Insurance (mDBI) was designed by CMutual to service the growing needs of Credit Unions, enabling them to maintain member benefits whilst reducing costs to the Credit Union.


Loan Protection Insurance

CMutual’s Loan Protection Insurance is designed to provide

complete peace of mind for you and your members by ensuring that the debt dies with the debtor.


Life Savings Protection Insurance

Life Savings Protection was created as a support to help Credit Unions reward members for depositing money into shares and maintaining these share balances over time.


Loan Repayment Protection

Loan Repayment Protection (LRP) provides borrowers with

affordable, inclusive & supportive repayment insurance in the

event of an accident, sickness or involuntary unemployment.


Credit Union Package
of Protection - CUPOP

Our Credit Union Package of Protection is a robust policy, ensuring the credit union’s assets and operations are protected, providing the management and Board with the assurance needed to operate and grow.


Cyber Insurance

Our cyber insurance provides your Credit Union with
an affordable program that protects from unexpected
cyber threats.


Directors and Officers
Liability Insurance

With ever increasing regulation, it’s important to protect individuals and the Credit Union when things go wrong. Directors and Officers Insurance is easy to put in place as an addition to your existing Fidelity Bond cover.

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