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Repayment of your members outstanding loans, ensuring
the debt dies with the debtor.

CMutual’s Loan Protection Insurance is designed to provide
complete peace of mind for you and your members by ensuring that
the debt dies with the debtor.


Why choose Loan Protection

Credit Unions across the world are leaders in offering members loans with “built-in Life cover” ensuring the “Debt dies with the Debtor” should the unthinkable happen. It has become a core part of the uniqueness that is credit unions. CMutual can tailor the Loan Protection cover to suit the Credit Union loan book and targeted lending strategy.


  • A feature of membership with your credit union, protecting the borrowings of all members.

  • Providing members with help, support and financial security is extremely important and is at the heart of the credit union ethos.

  • No more difficult health questions, Declaration of Heath (DOH) are replaced with Pre-existing Condition Limitations (PCL)

  • Each Loan Protection program is designed with the unique needs of the Credit Union in mind. Although many features are similar, the term, benefits, loan sizes, loan types and borrower 
    types are all determined in agreement with the respective Credit Union.

How does it Work?

Loan Protection is a Group insurance policy paid for by the credit union, which is used to repay an outstanding loan should the member die. This helps to protect your credit union’s financial position and removing a potential stress from your member’s family, at an extremely difficult period. The benefit payable is based on the member’s outstanding loan balance at the time the member dies, subject to a maximum level set by the credit union.

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