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Protection for Network Security,

Privacy exposures, and much more.

Our cyber insurance provides your Credit Union with an affordable program that protects from unexpected cyber threats.


Why take out Cyber Insurance?

Data leaks and data losses can lead to regulatory fines and PR nightmares. Attacks can lead to servers being shut down which in turn could lead to loss of profits and loss in confidence. Cyber fraud is now the world’s biggest type of fraudulent activity.


  • Cyber incident response
    costs cover 

  • Network security and privacy liability cover 

  • Cover for regulatory costs
    and fines 

  • Ransom cover

  • Cover for intellectual property infringement and defamation

  • ​Defamation cover, including libel and slander 

  • Invasion of privacy cover 

  • Cover for system damage and business interruption caused
    by a cyber event 

  • Court attendance costs

  • Incidence response services provided including:

    • Response coaches

    • Response specialists (computer forensics, public relations, cyber and extortion, etc.)

  • Support 24 x 7 x 365

How does it Work?

Cyber Insurance fills the gaps of traditional insurance policies (e.g. Commercial General Liability, Professional Indemnity and Crime) and covers the credit union against multiple cyber threats.  Our policy protects the Credit Union against extortion, business interruption and data restoration as well as protecting against third party liability (outside the credit union) including privacy liability, network liability and media liability.

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