Member Death Benefit Insurance


This Member Death Benefit Insurance Programme (the Programme) is arranged by Dubco Credit Union Limited (Credit Union), through its insurance intermediary CMutual Services (Ireland) Limited and underwritten by Utmost PanEurope dac, the Insurer. The Programme is being arranged by the Board of Dubco Credit Union Limited to ensure that member’s benefits are maintained well into the future. The Programme allows members to increase their guaranteed death benefit for a monthly fee. Member Death Benefit Insurance (MDBI) programme is designed to complement the other changes to the member benefit programmes. The Credit Union have not offered you advice or a recommendation on the suitability of the Programme for your personal circumstances.


What is the Member Death Benefit Insurance Programme?


The Programme provides life cover for each member who joins the Programme and pays the full cost of his or her cover to the Credit Union. This cover can help pay towards funeral expenses.


Who is eligible to join the Program?


You are eligible to join the Program if you:

• are between the ages of 6 months and 71

• are and continue to be a member of the Credit Union

• are the first or second-named on an account which is covered by the Credit Union’s Life Savings Insurance Program


Once you join the Programme and pay for the cost of your cover, you will remain a member of the Programme until the earliest of:

• you inform the Credit Union that you wish to opt out of the Programme by issuing a written cancellation instruction on the prescribed form to the Credit Union in this regard, or

• the available balance held on your Credit Union share account is insufficient to meet the cost of your cover for a Programme period, or

• cease to be a member of the Credit Union, or

• the Insurer opts not to renew the Programme at a renewal date, and the Programme is therefore discontinued from that date.


When does the Program Start?


This is an annual program, which runs from 1st February to 31st January each year, subject to its on-going renewal subject to the terms as set-out in this document.

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