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CMutual’s Group Life programs are tailored to support the needs and strategies of Credit Unions and our partners. They support all forms lending and savings. Our programs provide an attractive and competitive means to compete in a noisy marketplace.

In Ireland our Group life offering includes three complementary products; Loan Protection Insurance, Life Savings Protection Insurance and Death Benefit Insurance.

These products can be specifically tailored for your credit union and your member's needs.

They provide peace of mind for members when they draw down loans from your credit union – ensuring that ‘debt dies with the debtor (Loan Protection). They offer an attractive incentive for members to save with, and continue to hold their savings within the credit union over the long term, by providing a Life Savings Protection benefit, thereby ensuring funds for end of life expenses (Life Savings). And, for many Credit Unions, through either a Credit Union paid option, or Member paid option, they offer affordable Life Cover for all members, regardless of age, once the member joins before their 70th birthday (Death Benefit Insurance).

Additionally, some of these protection covers help to protect your credit unions financial position. CMutual's programs operate to safeguard the Credit Union as it indemnifies members across all loan types, in line with the Credit Union's strategy.

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